ct speed skating

who we are + what we do

About us:
The Connecticut Speedskating Club (CSC) organizes and coordinates speed skating activities within Connecticut for the preservation and betterment of the sport and the development of its members. CSC is a member of the Middle Atlantic Skating Association (MASA), which supports and oversees speed skating activities in the tri-state area (Connecticut, South Eastern New York and Northern New Jersey) and US Speedskating – the governing body for speed skating in the U.S.

What type of training we offer:

CSC conducts year-round training programs to assist its members in the development of their skills in a safe, friendly environment.

On-season: September - March
The club conducts short track speed skating sessions from September-March at The Rinks in Shelton (Sunday afternoon 6:30-7:50). For additional information, please use the links below.

About short track: we divide our skaters into groups by age and ability level. The number of groups we split into depends on how many skaters show up to a given session, for example, if a lot of skaters show up we can have an A group (competition level skaters), B Kids (experienced kids), B Adults (experienced adults), C kids (beginning children), C adults (Beginning adults). We usually spend a session doing drills (2-5 laps at a time) that focus on building technique and speed. Each group takes turns doing the drills at their own pace, we try to avoid having really fast skaters and slower skaters on the ice at the same time.

For additional information, please visit the WHERE we skate page.

Off-season: April - August
During the off-season (April – August) our club conducts Dryland Training (off-ice) at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.

About dryland training: this off-ice training further develops skating skills by focusing on the following: general fitness and flexibility, foundational speedskating drills, strength-explosive power development and competition preparation. Training off-ice is a great way to work on skating fundamentals and develop the muscles that are required for proper technique. Our dryland sessions are run in a similar manner to our skating sessions. The participants are divided into groups by age and ability level and each group takes turns doing drills at their own pace. These sessions are beneficial for people of all fitness and skating abilities.